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SF-085 Type Coax Cable



Continuous working voltage:

1500V rms max

Operating temperature range:

-40C ~ +125C





Center conductor


0.511mm (0.02")

Solid type


PTFE (Solid)

1.68mm (0.066")

Outer shield

Tinned Copper (Braid)

2.20mm (0.087")

100% Coverage




Operating frequency

20 GHz max

Conductor resistance

2.57 Ohm/100ft max

at 20C

Dielectric resistance

1000 MOhm/km min

at 20C

Test voltage

5000 V rms

1 min

Velocity of propagation

69.5% nom


32 pF/ft max

Characteristic impedance

50 2 Ohm

Approx. weight

16.0 kg/km

Max. attenuation

15.0 dB/100ft (0.49 dB/m)

at 500 MHz

22.0 dB/100ft (0.72 dB/m)

at 1 GHz

50.0 dB/100ft (1.64 dB/m)

at 5 GHz

80.0 dB/100ft (2.62 dB/m)

at 10 GHz

130.0 dB/100ft (4.27 dB/m)

at 20 GHz



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